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Sonyo Estavillo

First and foremost I am NOT a psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, or a doctor. I have always had a passion however, for the field of psychology and at one point seriously considered getting a PhD in clinical psychology with an emphasis in trauma work. I had it planned that I would get my BA and then my MA in psychology, then move forward into a PhD program. I decided against this route, but I have quite a bit of experience in the field of psychology. I put myself through film school working with child abused kids ranging from 5 to 18 y/o.

Not many people know this, especially friends or those that are film and entertainment professionals. In the 7 years of working with hurt, I learned some valuable lessons. Childhood pain often follows adults throughout their lives, consequently creating more than the average challenges in everyday experiences. I noticed this while working with women who were recovering from drugs and alcohol as well. What I found is that most of those women were survivors of child abuse, turning to drugs or alcohol to escape. I have also worked with behaviorally challenged teens and adults that professed to have grown up in a great home. Yet, these individuals still suffered from depression and emotional instability.

While I do not bring a PhD to the table, I do have GLE (Genuine Life Experience). I am a former news reporter, journalist, and writer. Captivating human stories told in all forms: news, docu-series, and yes even the world of reality TV shows all intrigue and inspire me. I am a filmmaker, documentarian, producer, and overall creative soul who believes in the power of the mind to manifest abundance in our lives. I am here to champion anyone from the successful and confident folks, to those that are clinically depressed. I have gone through it all and rather than sharing about the “dark days” I figure it ought to be a little more inspiring to write about what has worked for me so far.

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