No, I’m Not Upgrading My Cell Phone

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I am sure there are those of you out there who can’t wait to upgrade your gadget, but when it comes to technology cell phones tend to be the easiest, most popular (and sometimes cheapest) item to upgrade. If you’re with one of the major carriers you’re likely due for an upgrade every two years. And although your PC gets outdated just as quickly as any smart phone or tablet, it’s not so easy to replace this larger item every six months to a year. Plus, smartphones and tablets are gaining ground as the primary “computer.”

But, ultimately, what does it matter if you get a new cell phone, especially if your current one works perfectly fine? Often it’s a matter of keeping up with the Jones’, as there are many cheaper smartphones now available, and many users don’t even come close to needing the features of the more expensive varieties.

Still, if you wait too long to upgrade anything now days you feel like everything is operating in ultra slow motion. We rely on the speed of our technology as if we’re James Bond and the fate of the world is in our hands. Like we really need technology to run at lightning speed? We feel we must be able to check our email while at a stoplight (unsafe) or at the grocery store or eating out (annoying and rude and to others). You have to be able to post the gorgeous salad you’re about to eat on Instagram and double-check that your Facebook and Twitter accounts are connected so that dessert gets shared with all your contacts.

Part of what I do is manage social media accounts. It’s what I do for my own business and have done so for small businesses as well as for individuals. So, I definitely understand the need to be plugged in to the latest and fastest gadget. When it comes to upgrades, computers are a no brainer. One must upgrade their computer, especially laptops, otherwise, you’re not going to be able to function. The average lifespan of a laptop is approximately three years, and if you wait longer you end up having to upgrade hardware or, worse, fix a crashed hard drive, which can get rather pricey. But, if you know what you’re doing you can get away with upgrading a laptop for the better.

To upgrade my 2011 MacBook Pro, for example, I increased speed and performance for video editing and graphics purposes by swapping out the hard drive for a solid state drive and boosting the RAM to the max (16 GB). Instead of paying another $1,200 or more for a new Mac, I paid only $300 on Amazon, and a friend installed the hardware for free. My computer runs like a power machine, it feels like a brand new computer. So in my opinion, it’s worth the $300 upgrade because buying a new Macbook Pro after taxes and all can cost you a lot more than $1,200. Of course being a bit of a nerd I also have terabytes and terabytes of external hard drives for additional storage.

So, if you know what you’re doing you can invest wisely in a nicely built machine like the MacBook Pro so you can delay spending the cash and save a little longer. I find that Apple technology simply lasts quite a long time. I almost upgraded my cell phone to the iPhone 6 like everyone else on the planet. And no, I don’t have the iPhone 5 or even the iPhone 4S. I have the iPhone 4 and haven’t bothered with anything newer. I fixed broken glass twice at $60 a pop and recently had the Apple Store techies check it out after I noticed my phone kept shutting off and found out my battery was simply loose – duh! So, they popped my battery back in place for free and it works flawlessly. If I need super-duper-warp-speed Internet then like everyone else, I use my laptop and wait to do important stuff that requires faster speed when I am connected to my secure, home Wi-Fi, or nearly anywhere else that offers free Wi-Fi.

The Bottom Line:

I am all for the next big thing and I am impatient like the rest of us. It’s like everything feels like dial-up the minute you don’t upgrade. But, do we really, truly need an upgrade? Especially when it comes to our cell phones, which at one time were reserved for the wealthiest business executives, doctors, etc., who could afford them? Car phones, anyone?

So far my very old iPhone 4 works just fine. It does everything that any other newer smart phone upgrades can do, well mostly. Sometimes more isn’t always better. Sometimes trading in the old model for that something new, isn’t always the answer. Sometimes, we work with what we have and learn to appreciate and desire what is already in our lives.

Robin S. Sharma


5 thoughts on “No, I’m Not Upgrading My Cell Phone

    prior said:
    December 19, 2014 at 3:22 AM

    Another great post – and sometimes it is like with your car – the best option is to invest a bit int he one you have rather than replace it.

    but I have two things to add. First, I do not think it will continue to be the case that Apple will always be so long lasting – we already are seeing the impact of his not being around (in ads and other things) and I think the quality will continue to decline – new sheriff in town has different MO.

    the other thing is that sometimes there is resale value of your other items that helps to offset certain costs. For example, if you buy the new machine for 12 – well sometimes you can get 5 for your other one (depends) and so you might only pay 7 for the new one –
    but I do like your point – frugal and wise – 🙂
    Happy holidays to you

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      lilpickmeup said:
      December 19, 2014 at 10:57 AM

      Thank you! I think you’re right about Apple. For cell phones, you can get money for them if you are trading in an iPhone 4s or higher. For me, I almost upgraded recently from my iPhone 4 to a 6. You don’t get that much trade in value the older your phone is which makes sense. You’re right it is like having a car and deciding to invest in it or get a new one. I backed out and felt I could hold off a little longer and save my money. I wanted to buy the iPhone 6 rather than sign a deal and make payments on the phone the way most carriers want you to. To buy it it’s $849 and for that sort of money I think I will probably replace my laptop before replacing the cell phone. 🙂


        prior said:
        December 20, 2014 at 3:27 AM

        good point – and it really depends what you r needs are, ya know? And my nephew just got his first iPhone 4 (and he is older but also did not care about it – yet his younger brother had a 6 as soon as they came out) – oh and then we were at a holiday party and this little 2 year old was walking by and listing to spotify on the oldest iPhone 4 (not the s) and her parents said they could only get like 50 bucks for it – so they keep it for her to have music when she needs it. oh my is all i could say!

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        prior said:
        December 23, 2014 at 11:45 AM

        Hi – also made this little image for you (with photfunia) because I am putting together a page with my blog connections from 2014 – and that includes lilpickmeups!


        lilpickmeup said:
        December 23, 2014 at 12:15 PM

        Awww that’s great! Thank you! 🙂

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