Ghetto-Fabulous is Nothing to Brag About

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You’ve got a friend who goes to church, he’s got kids and a family but he’s a wee bit rough around the edges, and that edge is another side of him just waiting to come out. You’ve got a girlfriend who’s a little loud, maybe a little animated, but she’s your girl and is always there for you. She is all smiles and friendliness, but she, too, has an edge about her that you know is waiting to be unleashed. You’ve got a sibling that is a tad outspoken, a little East coast, brash but palatable. She, as you’ve witnessed, also has a side to her that is barely hidden behind her curtness. It’s a side of her that can easily be unleashed, as it doesn’t take much.7jPQ8

You see this in all the new reality shows popping up on various networks, banking off of folks from all ethnic origins, cultural backgrounds, heritage, nationalities, and upbringing with one thing in common— they are ghetto-fabulous. Now, ghetto folks just love to brag about their ghetto-ness like it’s their hidden weapon. To be considered ghetto, someone normally adheres to a culture that they are familiar with, and it’s not always gang related.

You see, real gangsters are often much more subtle then you’d think, like martial artists. They are silently deadly not ghetto-fabulously arrogant. Really dangerous individuals would consider ghetto gang bangers as wannabes or posers.


Having filmed professional MMA fighters, I noticed one thing in common with the baddest of the bad asses. Although these guys and gals are exceptionally skilled at ass kicking, they don’t walk around with puffed out chests talking about their black belts. The first couple of imperative lessons that are taught and learned in true martial arts are respect and humility. That’s why before and after a fight both fighters will bow, shake hands and even hug after an especially brutal fight. Some fighters go as far as congratulating the winner and even complimenting him or her. This is because martial arts especially above other sports highly regard respect and sportsmen ship. Although not everyone agrees with UFC and MMA fights, because some focus purely on the physical nature and see it a demonstration of brutality, not a demonstration on skill. Though to MMA and martial arts fans, it’s an art form that has been going on for centuries but one that centers around humility and respect.

They don’t walk around throwing up stupid gang signs or “packing” or talking about they’re from this hood or that hood. They don’t even tell people they can kick ass. Mess with them and you’ll find out. Their “cauliflower” ear can also give it away. It’s that simple.

Vanilla_IceA true bad-ass doesn’t walk around telling people they’re a bad-ass. It’s what they don’t say and not what they do say that matter. They don’t need to convince anyone how big and bad they are, and they don’t need to always talk about it or brag about this or that. It’s the same with any type of talent, art form, and skill either you’re good or you’re not. Your work regardless of what type it is ought to reflect what you can do without you needing to say it, flaunt it, brag about it or ghettoize it. A true bad-ass in any profession just is one, plain and simple. There need not be a note or sign above them or tattoo brand on their body. And you can spot a wannabe by the kind of bragging he does, as they get ghetto quite quickly.

Ghetto-fabulous folks mistake where they might have grown up with being a bad-ass. They think it is an official license to act crazy and say crazy things. Usually they’re all talk and very little action. If there is any action, usually it’s a stupid fight between two ghetto chicks with hair weaves being pulled out, fake finger nails and high healed shoes flying all over the place. You’ve probably seen some sort of “caught on video” type of scenario floating around on the web or on some reality TV show. Although people love to bank off of ghetto, it’s nothing to be proud of and especially brag about.

Young_gang_recruits_GuatemalaThey’ll act crazy, curse people out and threaten others with their ghetto-ness, calling people the B- word and the C-word, and the F-U and all “step up then” pea-cocking with ghetto text messages, mostly misspelled and practically gibberish. One needs to carry around a ghetto dictionary to decode your message. You obviously lack any respect for yourself because how you treat others is a direct reflection of how you see yourself. However you talk to people no matter what the situation, no matter who’s right and wrong is a direct reflection on your character. Once you allow yourself to get out of control because of a person, situation, or circumstance what you are really saying is you have now allowed your environment to control you.

Your reputation is something that should always be protected. If you care very little about how successful you wish to be, then go ahead and act ghetto. But, if you care at all about your career, profession and friendships then you will evaluate yourself to see if you ought to “de-ghetto” yourself.

Signs If You Are GHETTO:

9-mw-630-woman-screaming-phone-upset-yell-istock-630wdT67RMaT9You are not discrete. Rather, you talk really loud on the cell phone and or in person. You don’t care who hears your conversation no matter how intimate and personal.

dT67RMaT9You get in arguments rather quickly because you’re short fused. You get into arguments in public and you don’t care if you are disturbing people around you.

dT67RMaT9You send long threatening text messages, mostly misspelled and in your own street code. All mad about something.

Drama seems to follow you everywhere you go, and so does all the profanity.

dT67RMaT9You don’t care to learn proper English. It doesn’t matter what color, what background you are. The bottom line is that you do not annunciate most of what you say, and although you speak English it takes closed captions for others to understand you.

Poor taste in wardrobe. If you’re trying to act like a thug, you obviously have the sagging pants and all that going on. Or you are a dT67RMaT9ghetto-fabulous chick. Your fake nails are way too long in the usual loud, bright neon colors. You’re clothes are way too tight and everything is hanging all out for the world to see.

Poor hygiene. You’ve either got some serious B.O. or you wear way too much cologne and perfume. You walk in and people dT67RMaT9have to crack open windows just to breathe.

You get practically naked, if not, totally naked in pictures of yourself on Twitter. You have no qualms tweeting it out for all to see. Your Twitter name is something sexual in nature. But it’s all good, because you don’t really care who sees it, your boss, family or friends. You don’t care ‘causedT67RMaT9 you’re ghetto.Marasalvatrucha13arrest

You get in to a fight with people in line at the grocery store or in a subway, or on a bus or at a restaurant. Someone looked at you wrong. Someone cut in line in front of you. dT67RMaT9Someone cut you off on the freeway. Someone took your parking spot. Someone took the last pair of shoes. You looked at it first so it’s yours, you reason. How dare dT67RMaT9people wrong you? It’s their fault for causing the fight and not yours, of course.

You are in total denial that you have anger management issues. You think it’s perfectly normal to be ghetto, act ghetto, talk ghetto, and do some pretty stupid ghetto things that will land you indT67RMaT9 prison.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what color your skin is, what ethnicity or nationality you come from. You can be from the ghetto, but you don’t have to become it. You can overcome your past and create a better future. mature


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