Iโ€™m A โ€˜One Lovely Blog Awardโ€™ Nominee: Appreciation Feels Good!

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So, I received a nomination for One Lovely Blog Award, thanks to Sharon at leadership2mommyship. In all honesty, recognition does feel good. ๐Ÿ™‚ I thank Sharon for reading my blog and thinking I was worthy of this nomination. Sharon also nominated Ipuna Black, my sister. I guess sheโ€™s got good taste! LOL

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Finding Time To Blog & Finish That Novel

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The most challenging thing I find about being a writer is not so much writerโ€™s block or even completing an 80,000-word novel, as many people assume.

For me, writing a novel is the easy part. But itโ€™s not so simple to revise and rewrite it. Letโ€™s not forget our blogs that require daily, if not, weekly maintenance in order to market ourselves and build our platforms. Working on your novel and building a blogging network at the same time can pose many challenges, not the least of which time management. For example, often when Iโ€™m writing a blog post I catch myself thinking, โ€œI should really be working on my book.โ€ Read the rest of this entry »