Acceptance Does Not = Failure

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There are many things we have little control over, most importantly we have little control over others and circumstances. How are you thinking? What are your thoughts telling you? What do you say to yourself every day that does not help you to be the best you?

Our perspectives might differ, but really, it’s our minds that are moving. Our minds are shifting and changing every second. We are able to transform our consciousness just by learning new things. We are able to change our reality by reprogramming what we feed our brains. Our thoughts can have a lasting or toxic affect on our well-being.

Toxic thinking might be learned, but it can be unlearned and changed. Lots of people think that there isn’t such a thing as learning from one’s mistakes and becoming a better person. Many people subscribe to the school of thought that you “can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” But is that an accurate statement?

We want to succeed, but there are times when we must fail. Everyone wants to win and be a winner, but when we aren’t the chosen ones we have to make peace with the outcome and become better as a result. In this 21st century generation of being rewarded for merely participating, we have to actually learn that failing is a prerequisite to success. Without failure, we are unable to appreciate the hard work we put in to win. Without failure, we take advantage of what is given to us already, what we didn’t have to work for due to our pedigree.

The Bottom Line:

Failure is a terrible word for most, if not, all people. No one goes out to accomplish failure for the sake of the experience. Everyone wants to win. Most people in this world desire the human need to feel accepted and acknowledged for hard work well earned. But, at the end of the day, failure is the main ingredient to ultimate success. When we accept our weaknesses, we stop fighting a change that needs to take place in order for us to grow. When we accept that there are others who are much better than us, more successful in every aspect, we are gifted with humility and thus we cherish the very microscopic victories we achieve.

Accepting failure means accepting the experience of being human, and understanding that without learning from our mistakes we cannot evolve.

George Orwell



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    April 21, 2016 at 11:36 AM

    Good post

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