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Choosing Your Blog Platform: vs.

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When you begin designing a site, you need to consider how much time you want to invest and how technical you’d like to get. Those who use a WordPress platform for personal blog, portfolio or professional site have probably heard that there are differences between and

Honestly, I kind of kicked myself for not first building in But if you move over a site you will likely lose your followers as well as links, and even more complications can arise. One of the things that I dislike about is that you don’t have that much control or flexibility over the template you choose. Similarly, lacks some flexibility. This is why if you truly want to build something totally your way, you should consider a web designer who can build it from scratch. However, for blogs some of us like to make things as easy on ourselves as possible. I am no expert at either, but makes it super easy for anyone to erect a quick blog. But, if you eventually want to start making money as a blogger, makes that virtually impossible. Well, at least extremely difficult. Read the rest of this entry »