Don’t Miss Q & A With Author Ken Pisani of AMP’D, A LOL Dramedy Novel

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I ran across this article,“Trying To Find An Agent Is The Worst Thing Ever,” and I laughed so hard. I was determined to track down the author, Ken Pisani.

Let’s just say after a few Twitter DMs and emails, we set up a time to meet for coffee, as we’re both L.A. locals. An inspiring author myself, I had to meet the funny man behind the hilariously written article. I found his humility and natural comedic personality refreshing. We sat and had coffee and he answered all of my questions about the writing world and the TV industry. I then ordered Ken’s book AMP’D, an adult commercial dramedy, and absolutely loved it! AMP’D briefly landed on the Los Angeles Times Bestseller List and was later nominated for the 2017 Thurber Prize for American Humor, “losing” to Trevor Noah’s memoir Born a Crime. Read the rest of this entry »


How to Idiot-Proof Your Life

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According to the Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary the word idiot ( \ˈi-dē-ət\) is a noun and derogatory term for someone with extreme mental retardation; the most common use is to describe a foolish or stupid person. The term is derived from Middle English, old French to be specific with an origin as 60 percent of English has Latin or Greek roots; the word idiot originated from the Latin word idiota (ignorant person).

With well over 7 billion people inhabiting this planet, unfortunately a good portion of these folks are idiots. Regardless of how much you try to avoid them, they seem to be everywhere, and what’s most frightening is that you never know who it’ll be. An idiot can be a technology obsessed gadget-freak who was too busy texting when they crashed their vehicle into yours. An idiot can be the mail man that no matter how many times you’ve spoken to him, how often you’ve called the post office and spoken to supervisors on duty, they still continue to deliver highly important mail to the wrong address, one that you haven’t lived at in over a year. Read the rest of this entry »

Movie Therapy: Laugh Away the Blues

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istock_000003161451xsmall-satingI find it interesting how comedy can make the most dramatic situations humorous. What could very easily be executed as a drama, comedy writers take a twisted approach to making the situation funny as hell.

Take a look at some of the funniest movies. In reality, most comedies wouldn’t be viewed as funny if it happened in reality. In As Good as it Gets, you’ve got Jack Nicholson playing Melvin Udall. Udall is a rude, angry and mentally unstable individual who also happens to degrade almost everyone around him. He is racist and sexist yet ironically a romance novelist. When his gay neighbor Simon Bishop is beaten nearly to death and robbed, Udall doggy sits Verdell. Udall is an anti-social, selfish jerk who winds up warming up to the Brussels Griffon and then unexpectedly falls in love with his favorite waitress, Carol Connelly, played by Helen Hunt. Read the rest of this entry »