Embrace Your Uniqueness

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I love it when I unexpectedly learn something about myself that I never would have known if not for close friendships and loved ones. It’s simple when we are by ourselves and stuck in our routine. We go to work then head to the gym after, and if we’re smart enough to have DVR’d our favorite show, we sit back to enjoy it before having to head to bed to do it all over again the very next day. There is no drama, misunderstandings, or invaluable life lessons.

My best friend and partner in crime through this life’s journey pointed out to me that my two dogs, mentioned in a past post, are essentially opposites. Their personalities, mannerisms, and personal vexations are so very different. Yet, he also noticed that regardless of their differences, they’re both essentially a reflection of me. I never realized this until it was brought to my attention. Abraham is very outgoing, the alpha dog that loves being around people, and yet is very sensitive. His feelings get hurt if affection is not mutually shared. While Abigail is very specific regarding whom she trusts, as it is definitely earned over time. I mean, Abraham LOVES everybody while Abigail is EXTREMELY guarded.

Like all of us, we all have different little things about our personality. I can be both a little bit of Abraham and Abigail, but that’s okay because that’s what makes me unique. What makes you unique? Has anyone pointed out something unique about you that you never quite considered?

5 simple tips to help you embrace the yin-yang of your personality:

  1. Enjoying the sunCatch negative self-talk immediately and discontinue self-defeating mantras.
  2. Backtrack over the last few months, rather than focusing on your imperfections, write down all the things you’ve accomplished.
  3. Don’t compare yourself to what other people have, it’ll only make you focus on what you are not, rather than what you are.
  4. Push yourself to do your best rather than one-up someone else.
  5. If you are itching for change, re-invent yourself for the better. But, be prepared to block out the naysayers.

Allow yourself to cry, to laugh, love, and be a little strange.


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