Are Smart Phone Apps Making Us Stupid?

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best_app_stores_2Funny I found myself feeling dizzy with ideas, goals, and a list of chores I wanted to get done. So, before I knew it I was in the App Store on my trusty iPhone. It seems as if there is an app for just about everything now days.

There are apps that help you organize your thoughts. There are apps that help you find out who is singing that song you are hearing on the radio. There are apps that help you to drive from point A to point B. There are photo editing apps that help to make your amateur smart phone pics look like you spent 4 years getting a degree in photography and design. And of course there are apps for every type of social networking site on the planet.

There are video game apps now that link up to online video games and allow you to play directly on your smart phone if you are not on your computer. There are apps that even help you stop smoking! There are apps that help you to meditate and fall asleep. Almost any business keeping up with modern technology has an app and if they don’t, they should. Yogurtland has an app where every time you purchase a yogurt, they scan a barcode provided by your Yogurtland app and it tracks how much money you spend. This provides faithful customers rewards via free yogurt depending upon how much spent.

Smart phones today are essentially helping us run our lives. How much of these apps are time savers or time wasters? Heck, about a half an hour later in the App Store “ooohing” and “aaahing” over all the various types of apps at my disposal that would help me organize my “to-do” list; I looked at my desk and saw an old fashion notepad and pen. It almost seemed a foreign thing to do, to actually pick up a pen and paper and write it down “old school.” You can practice time management by knowing which apps you need to use, otherwise, you can spend a lot of time in the App Store . Apps can definitely help us make things less complicated in our lives. However, I often miss the good old days when you figured out directions on your own and wrote down your thoughts on a piece of scratch paper.

Today’s generation is growing up with more technology than ever before, not to mention more abilities to virally mingle via social media. According to The Wall Street Journal, the smart phone app business is a $25 BILLION business! Wow. Whether we are relying too heavily on apps to think for us or not, you have to admit, there are a few techno-geeks rolling in some serious dough.



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