Reynolds Oregon High School Shooting, Another Senseless Shooting

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Another senseless crime, it is unthinkable what would lead someone to do this. Just a few days ago on June 5th there was the Seattle Pacific University shooting. Then yesterday a radical anti-government married couple went on a shooting spree in Las Vegas, killing two police officers and an innocent bystander.

As I listen watching the news, commentators are concerned with mental health issues and lack of care to individuals that desperately require it. It is obvious that mental instability plays a role in some if not all these cases, regardless if medical and mental health practitioners completely agree. I am personally skeptical of a mentally stable individual deciding to retaliate their personal sense of rejection, pain, or beliefs onto innocent lives.

Elliot Rodgers was yet another disturbed young 22 year-old that dealt with mental health issues his entire life and was in constant therapy. Rodgers was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome and sensory processing disorder. Even after he gunned down 6 innocent students on May 23rd, 2014, before taking his own life, it isn’t clear if his mental illness was diagnosed or not. Needless to say, son of Peter Rodgers, Assistant Director of The Hunger Games; Elliot had access to a wide variety of psychologists and psychiatrist and therapists. So, what went wrong? I have no answers. Increased gun violence in America is simply frightening. Regardless of where you lean either the right or the left, this is a bipartisan issue that needs addressing. More mental health awareness? Perhaps. Further gun control policies? Who knows…I don’t have the answers. I am not sure anyone does, but something needs to be done.


9TzEdq7acHow did family, friends, or health professionals associated with these killers not see the signs and if signs were there, why didn’t anyone do anything about it?




1.) May 23, 2014,

bullets_PNG1468Isla Vista, California

6 injured, 6 dead not including the killer (Elliot Rodgers who shot himself.)

2.) June 5, 2014

bullets_PNG1468Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, Washington

2 injured, 1 dead, 26 year old Aaron Ybarra is currently being held at King County Jail.

3.) June 9, 2014

bullets_PNG1468Las Vegas, Nevada

3 dead (2 police officers, 1 bystander), (Amanda Miller shot her husband Jered Miller before shooting herself.)

4.) June 10, 2014


Troutdale, Oregon

Reynolds Oregon High School Shooting

1 teacher injured, 1 student dead (The gunman killed himself and was identified as a student, though his name has not been revealed.)




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