Microblogging: If I Blogged As Much As I Tweeted…

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Microblogging makes life super simple for those of us who find it challenging to post 300 words or more on a daily basis. Some bloggers choose to post two to three articles every day. They make it a habit, no matter if there is an earthquake, tornado, snowstorm, monsoon, or a death in the family.

Some hardcore bloggers are beyond dedicated. I wish I had that sort of scheduling focus. And I say scheduling because that’s precisely what everything in life boils down to. Time management and scheduling. I fell off the blogging wagon somewhere in between adjusting to being a new mother, having major knee surgery and obsessively engrossed in the presidential elections. Well, I’m still around…but as you can see my blog posts have been irregular of late. This equally means paying attention to the best times to post, which I haven’t really done, although I should.

Instead, I have found myself tweeting with much more urgency and enjoying it more. Why? Because microblogging is like poetry, you have limited canvas to work with so you have to be precise in how you choose words and craft your observation. Master that, and in a few seconds you’re done. In other words, if done well, it shouldn’t take up too much your time.

This is what I love about microblogging, after all that is what Twitter truly is- a microblogging platform to promote and share content. The content can range from breaking news to #never campaigns (fill in the presidential candidate you didn’t vote for or essentially anything else you don’t like). Hashtags are the keywords that identify the category, emphasis, or thesis of a smartly communicated perspective. (And even better, Twitter recently announced that it is relaxing its 140-character limit, giving microbloggers even more control over their own posts.)

I have three blogs and have posted following number of articles:

lilpickmeup.com: 185

newagingparents.com: 32

tvshowjunky.com: 89

That equates to 306 posts (and counting), a good chunk of which total more than 500 words. I tend to write 1,000 word articles (probably too long), which leads me to conclude that I can over think my topics and, as a result, I get anxious, expecting myself to produce perfection each time I post something. I know many bloggers have way more than 306 posts on one blog.


However, I must be doing something right. On Twitter I’ve got 8,541 all-time posts/tweets and more than 18,000 real followers, as confirmed by a Twitter audit I performed on my account over the summer. I scored a 98%!!! This is just one account. I have other Twitter accounts. Yes, I’m a Twitter fanatic. Sometimes I generate 200,000 plus impressions a month, sometimes less than that. It all depends upon how many original tweets (not so much retweets) I do and their impact.

The Bottom Line:

My point is I’d have hundreds if not thousands of more posts on my three blogs if I blogged as much as I tweeted. I don’t want to make the excuse that life gets in the way. I know plenty of working parents who are busier than I am, yet they crank out more blog posts.

More than excuses, it takes strict time management and scheduling to be a blogging success. To my credit, with the help of a professional I’m also in the process of editing a novel I completed in July. I put it down for a few months and just now picked it back up to begin the rewrite, revision, and editing journey. I’ve said this before, but this time I’ll try to stick to it. Instead of trying to post everyday, I’ll make myself a deal that I’m going to post a blog per week on each of my three blogs. If I do more than that, even better. Regardless, we all do what we can. I like to push myself, but since the New Year is approaching I also like to try and set attainable benchmarks.

Happy blogging everyone! I hope to be more consistent (including commenting and reading other bloggers posts) from now through the end of 2017!



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