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Healthy Eating: Your daily multi-vitamin in one soup

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soupI love cooking on my slow cooker, because if you are a busy working professional or a busy stay-at-home mommy, you can start it and come back to it later. I love it. As I said earlier, I admit to not being the over-the-top, bubbly type of personality. The kinda happy that you can only find at the two happiest places on earth: Disneyland and Trader Joe’s.

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Cauliflower Pizza: for the gluten-free

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photo 1(1)They say you are what you eat, so I recently became interested in cooking healthy meals at home. It is my belief that what we eat ultimately has positive or negative ramifications on our brain chemistry, our emotions, and what we ultimately manifest in our lives. This dish may look like its loaded with saturated fat, starch, and bad carbohydrates, but it is actually extremely healthy for you. If you like pizza, try making cauliflower pizza.

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