Kale Your Way To Better Mental Health

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benefits of kale & your brain

Benefits of Kale

I spoke to a doctor once and not in some office setting, but at the sauna of all places at the gym. The doctor was not a proponent of medication, but claimed if people ate what they were supposed to eat and took care of their bodies, they wouldn’t need to be medicated. Read the rest of this entry »


The Value of Forming Organic Friendships

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Walking along the beach one day, my 15-pound Jarkie (Japanese Chin/Yorkie mix) immediately took to Molly, a Tibetan Terrier. Abigail my 5-pound Japanese Chin was a little more aloof because that’s just her personality and, by default unfortunately, Chins take a while to warm up to people – or other dogs – they don’t know. Just like dog breeds have natural disposition and personality quirks, it goes the same for humans.

On that walk along the beach I immediately took to Melanie, Molly’s owner. She was sweet, honest, willing to listen, open to forming new friendships, and she was 65 years old. Ever since, we’ve walked every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We met the month I got pregnant and walked throughout my pregnancy, and we’ve continued to walk after my daughter was born. Melanie’s an no-nonsense Jewish woman who’s lived an interesting life full of old school gender roles, sexism, and adjusting to being a mother while juggling a career as an accountant. Melanie and I have enjoyed coffee and breakfast and genuine, good conversation that money cannot buy. Read the rest of this entry »

Going With the Flow Can Result in the Best Decisions Made

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Going With the Flow Can Result in the Best Decisions Made

I recently found myself consumed with tasks that take up a good portion of my mental and physical energy, hence the lag in updating this blog. I had been meaning to post one or more articles daily, or at the very least, on a weekly basis. It’s amazing that, when push comes to shove, some things must really be put on the back burner while life takes priority. Everyone will tell you until it almost becomes an exhausted cliché, that “Oh, just write down a list of what your priorities are and what aren’t.”

But often it’s true the best way to decide what needs to be tackled is to just make it brutally simple for yourself and tackle what needs to be done right this second and let the rest wait until later. But, what if all the tasks on your list hold equal importance in your eyes? I think it’s important to understand the way our minds work in these instances. Read the rest of this entry »

Juicing with the Nutribullet-Pro Series: Healthy Rewards

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nutribulletOnce you start juicing, you won’t feel like turning back. The great thing about juicing your veggies and fruits is that now you can juice without all the mess. There are a variety of Nutribullet recipes that can jump-start your new healthy lifestyle. I have heard a lot about Nutribullet and the Nutribullet Pro, but I was skeptical and thought it wasn’t going to be as good as other juicers. The thing I love about the Nutribullet is that there is no mess, little clean up, and no wasting an ounce of precious nutrients from your veggies or fruit that you’d ordinarily throw away.

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Healthy Eating: Your daily multi-vitamin in one soup

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soupI love cooking on my slow cooker, because if you are a busy working professional or a busy stay-at-home mommy, you can start it and come back to it later. I love it. As I said earlier, I admit to not being the over-the-top, bubbly type of personality. The kinda happy that you can only find at the two happiest places on earth: Disneyland and Trader Joe’s.

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