You’re Never Too Experienced To Learn What You Don’t Know

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The best gift you can give yourself this season isn’t the latest gadget on a Black Friday sale but the gift to be open to learning new things. I absolutely love to learn, and in all honesty, if college was free, I’d be a perpetual student enrolled forever. However, there are ways to improve your skill set that doesn’t cost a lot of money.

Why is it important to keep learning? Being open to learning not only helps you in your professional life but also improves your skills as a writer and helps you become a more self-aware individual. On the other hand, having a know-it-all attitude stunts our growth and can potentially tarnish our relationships. Let’s face it, no one wants to be around someone who thinks they have the answer to everything. While we can be experts in a particular field, things are constantly evolving. There’s new software, innovative strategies to market products, advancements in technology, and a butt-load of skills that we’ve yet to learn.

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You Were Wrong

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You’ll be a terrible mother, you said

You’ll never be wanted by anyone, you said

You’ll be another pathetic divorced wife, you said

You’ll never be a real writer, you said

You’ll amount to nothing, you said

You’ll be sorry when I leave you, you said

You’ll never be good enough, you said

You’ll always be crazy, you said

You’ll never be happy, you said

Guess what…you were wrong