2022 Writing Portfolio Trends: Why Spec Work Is Problematic

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Since the pandemic, the job market has changed as many people work remotely or in some type of hybrid position. Creative professionals that are designers, writers, videographers, and other content creators are pressed more and more to have portfolios at the ready for prospective employers. This should include successful personal blogs and social media accounts because it demonstrates knowledge of popular CMS such as WordPress and social media platforms.

If you’re looking for new career opportunities and you’re a creative professional or someone who works with content creation, there may be times when you’ll be asked to do a spec assignment. There are ethical dilemmas to a spec. But first, what is spec work?

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Why Personal Blogs & Social Media Accounts = Professional Content Portfolio

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NOTE: This is a long read.

Currently, I’ve been extremely fortunate to be in a position where I’m open to new opportunities. Many people stay stagnant and get stuck for so many years in a particular situation, where they must remain at a company. But, I’m a believer in growth, expanding my knowledge, being in a place where my wings will not be clipped, and I can fly to new career heights. Since being open to new opportunities, I put my son in daycare because I realized I’m not Superwoman. What I am is a wise woman who recognizes when she needs all of her attention to focus on her next career move.

The biggest thing that’s come up thus far has been hiring managers wanting to see a portfolio.

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Finding Joy In Writing Amid Uncertain Times

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The first rule of being a writer is learning to accept isolation. Separating ourselves from outside distractions enables us to focus on the words and listen to the internal voice that helps us to follow our vision. Read the rest of this entry »

Your Creativity & Art Will Not Go Away If You Take A Little Break

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Creative souls desperately yearn to create as often as possible. We are sensitive and often in touch with more emotions that others choose to bury. Some creative people are naturally prone to a little melancholy, as I touched upon in a previous post Pursing The Art: Depression & Creative Minds. Read the rest of this entry »

One True Love (A Haiku)

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Your smile is the sun

Your joy is the sky and earth

You’re my one true love