#WritingCommunity #QuestionOfTheDay: To Plot Or Not To Plot?

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There’s a huge debate in the writing community whether or not having a very detailed plot outline is invaluable or a waste of time. Does it really make a book better? There’s a new story idea I’ve been toying around with and so I’d considered plotting out my next manuscript.

With my last one, I sort of had to do a super light outline because I had multiple POVs and a dual timeline. But it was the second book in a duology, and so I already knew the characters. It’s a lot different if you’re writing out a series and you already know the characters, the storyline, and kind of know what he/she would do next. It’s a lot harder to start from scratch when you are simply going off of a brand new idea that you haven’t quite fleshed out.

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Creating Reality Fiction: Using Dark Comedy to Develop Imperfect Characters

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Creating Reality Fiction: Using Dark Comedy to Develop Imperfect CharactersMy dark-comedy novel has a voice similar to “This is Where I Leave You” by Jonathan Tropper and “Silver Lining Playbook” by Matthew Quick. I recently gave a shout out on Twitter to Matthew Quick, as he’s got a new book coming out in July, “The Reason You’re Alive” and he liked it! Read the rest of this entry »