Victims of Bullying

ALS Challenge Joke on Autistic Teen: Sign of Ailing Society?

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On September 4, an Autistic boy was duped into doing the ALS ice bucket challenge. Unbeknownst to him rather than ice in the bucket, he was doused with urine, feces, spit, and cigarette butts.

 The Bottom Line

This horrific and inhuman act is beyond cruel. Whoever participated ought to receive the maximum punishment. The local police and school district are investigating.

Comedian Drew Carey is offering $10,000 to catch who did this. Come on, someone must know! This is an AWFUL and CRUEL prank. No one deserves this type of treatment. How can kids these days get away with something so disgusting? They posted this on Instagram. Can’t Instagram or any of these other social networking sites help authorities locate who the account belongs to? Don’t kids realize these days the repercussions of what is posted on the Internet and that the information is not private? What happened to common sense?

There have been numerous bullying awareness programs released by various educational institutions, groups, states and the federal government over the past several years. But, this is an act way beyond bullying. It is inhuman and disgusting. This is treating someone like they are an animal or even worse.

Whoever is in charge of investigating this “prank” ought to start working over time and all “teens” regardless of whether or not they are minors ought to be prosecuted under the fullest extent of the law.





Haunted by our Bullies: the long-term affects

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You are an adult now, you have a career, nice car, you are done with college, and you have a wife/husband, and a family. Maybe this is you or maybe you are single and struggling through relationships. Where ever you are in your personal and professional life, maybe there is something that you have never quite gotten over and that is the person or people that bullied you. Perhaps being bullied has affected your ability to keep relationships, hold down a job, or perhaps you’ve managed to have a successful life despite your painful past.

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