An Ego Epidemic: What Happened to Humility?

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An Ego Epidemic: What Happened to Humility?

Some might categorize me as an activist, while others might call me passionate. But those who know me best understand I am a decent and caring individual, one who abhors injustice of any kind. Some people become flaccid when they’re treated unfairly; however, I believe that if you’re disrespected, regardless of who the bully is and no matter how stacked the scales are against you, it is your right to stand up for yourself. But no one owes you anything because people have a right to behave however they want no matter how catty, rude, or downright disrespectful and self-centered or just plain wrong their behavior might be. Read the rest of this entry »


Dealing With Haters: Internet Trolls and Nasty Comments

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I have been bombarded by comments as I have two blogs I write and manage, this one and tvshowjunky. I find myself mostly deleting rather than approving them. Either someone is trying to promote a work-from-home opportunity or they have nothing better to do than to troll and try to pick an Internet fight. So it was little surprise to receive a pretty rotten comment from f*cky*u@yahoo.com, originating from IP address, S0106602ad084a489.ed.shawcable.net, tracked to someone in the region of Alberta within the city of Edmonton, Canada to be specific. There was also this whois link attached: http://whois.arin.net/rest/ip/

The attack was in response to an article I posted that tends to generate the most views: From Tots to Adults: When Spoiled Brats Grow Up into Bigger Ones! Let’s just say that I was called a word rhyming with “blunt,” and my mother (who is Korean) was suddenly a Chinese piece of sh*t. Yes, we look alike, but c’mon! Read the rest of this entry »

ALS Challenge Joke on Autistic Teen: Sign of Ailing Society?

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On September 4, an Autistic boy was duped into doing the ALS ice bucket challenge. Unbeknownst to him rather than ice in the bucket, he was doused with urine, feces, spit, and cigarette butts.

 The Bottom Line

This horrific and inhuman act is beyond cruel. Whoever participated ought to receive the maximum punishment. The local police and school district are investigating.

Comedian Drew Carey is offering $10,000 to catch who did this. Come on, someone must know! This is an AWFUL and CRUEL prank. No one deserves this type of treatment. How can kids these days get away with something so disgusting? They posted this on Instagram. Can’t Instagram or any of these other social networking sites help authorities locate who the account belongs to? Don’t kids realize these days the repercussions of what is posted on the Internet and that the information is not private? What happened to common sense?

There have been numerous bullying awareness programs released by various educational institutions, groups, states and the federal government over the past several years. But, this is an act way beyond bullying. It is inhuman and disgusting. This is treating someone like they are an animal or even worse.

Whoever is in charge of investigating this “prank” ought to start working over time and all “teens” regardless of whether or not they are minors ought to be prosecuted under the fullest extent of the law.