Easter: The Metaphysical Symbol for Rebirth

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forest yoga relaxing meditation style 1698x1131 wallpaper_www.wallpaperno.com_45Rebirth is the main theme behind not only Christianity but other religions that have celebrated the resurrection mythology. The symbolic nature of Easter is the process of dying to the old self and and being reborn in a spiritual sense.

Beyond religious dogma lies a deeper meaning that can be utilized for anyone inclined to live a more fulfilling life. Easter can be a powerful metaphor, one that helps us to re-examine our current state of being and then decide how we need to evolve. It can be a great day, similar to New Year’s, to become motivated to change what needs to be changed and let go of what needs letting go.

This is why it is so exciting for many who are hoping for a better year. Once the New Year hits, everyone is ready to set new goals, complete objectives and reach milestones. What is the cause of this sudden burst of enthusiasm, motivation and intent? Everyone loves the concept of a fresh start, a clean slate and an opportunity to make right our wrongs. Easter can be another day to do just that. You can decide what is working in your life and what needs to change. I started reading a powerful book by Dennis Merrit Jones, “The Art of Uncertainty.” In chapter 4 he guides readers through identifying when and what to let go of in your life.

After every chapter he has a lesson for readers to try. One of the activities that Jones challenges readers to do is to write down a favorite story that no longer suits you or the mantra you’ve been holding on to. Everyone has a mantra or a story, and sometimes they are projected on to us by others. Family members are very good at reminding us of our old ways and saying things like “oh, she’s the angry one in the family.” Eventually, whether it is what others believe us to be or we’ve eventually adopted negative ideas about ourselves; it’s a story that we’ve held on to.

Have you been carrying around an old story, mantra, belief system that has been a hindrance to you? If so, perhaps you should join me in spirit today and do what Dennis Merrit Jones suggests in his book. Write down your story that you want to grow out of and put it in a box. Then, bury it. Literally take a shovel, and place the box in the ground and cover the hole with dirt.

When I read this suggestion, I thought it was brilliant in its simplicity and at the same time a very powerful way to say goodbye to belief systems that no longer serve us. So, I will be writing down my old belief systems, placing it in a box and burying it. I hope you do the same today. At the very least find one thing you know you’d like to change, say goodbye to, and make a firm decision to ensure it no longer lives with us anymore. You’ll find freedom in the new you, a rebirth into a new state of consciousness.

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