The Best Stress-Free Traveling Tip: Over-Prepare

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Have you ever had a stress-free travel situation where everything just went absolutely perfect? I doubt that anything flows in perfect order, especially when it comes to traveling. I recently had to travel for a freelance gig and started at home attempting to gather my dogs before the work trip, only to find out that they both had fleas. Again. So, I had to get them both in the bath tub, wash them in special flea shampoo and then drop them off to relatives, that would watch them while I was gone. Then, I forgot where I left my car keys and I was scrambling to find them. Ugh.

The airport was sooo crowded as well and so was the airplane. I was stuck on a Southwest Airline flight that doesn’t assign seating. So, I ended up squeezed in a middle seat between two, let’s just say, very large people. In general, traveling can be really stressful. Unexpected situations and scenarios erupt unexpectedly. I didn’t expect my babies (my dogs) to suddenly have fleas. I didn’t expect to have to rush and get everything together at the last minute.

Hey, life happens when we least expect it and there will be chaos, crazy situations, hectic and odd eruptions where we have to simply “wing it.” Either way, during your average travel situation you really never know what you’re going to get or expect.

When traveling, expect the unexpected and just realize that the best thing you can do is to be patient. Traveling can often be very stressful. Airports can often lead to long lines and tempers flaring. It’s best to simply have a “chill” approach to it all. You’ll get to where you need to go, just relax and take a deep breath.

Airports and traveling in general is generally quite a hectic situation, so expect this and just a lot for extra time. The best thing to do is to over-prepare. Get to the airport EARLY (like 2.5 hours early) and have everything you need to travel with you already. If you can, opt for carry on luggage rather than check in because you’ll save yourself the head ache of standing in very long lines.





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