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Put Down the Magnifying Glass & Pick Up a Mirror

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Businessman with magnifying glass

There is never a better chance to truly understand yourself than when you are being ultra-critical about someone else. Both joy and anger are two emotions that can be easily impacted for better or worse. Think about it. Have you ever been elated at having such a marvelous day that you tell yourself there is absolutely nothing that can ruin your mood? Or, conversely, you are having the worst day of your life. You are so angry, there is nothing on earth that can take away the wrath you feel in your heart.

What if on your happiest day you receive news that a friend you lent your brand new car to was in an accident? Or you come home and find out you’ve been robbed? Your home and possession are not insured, so although you file a police report you cannot salvage the loss. Read the rest of this entry »