It’s Not About the WHY, But the WHAT

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lucky-leprechaun-costumeYou have a friend who has a lead foot. The dude’s always speeding. He’s gone 45 in a 15 MPH school zone with kids crossing but has never been caught, never even been honked at or yelled at by a fearful parent. He’s never going slower than 80 mph on the freeway. During lunch he brags about how his car insurance just went down again after receiving another good driver’s discount! He parks illegally in disabled spots for hours at a time, never pays for the meters cause he doesn’t carry around quarters and rarely obeys any traffic laws. This lucky SOB has never once been pulled over for a ticket and never has been in a crash. He’s even driven inebriated numerous times coming home from all sorts of parties and not once has he been pulled over. Read the rest of this entry »

Feeling Lucking?

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Fridaythe13thseriesSome people believe in luck and others don’t think there’s such a thing. Still, the mind is a very powerful machine. If we believe enough, we can exact an immense amount of power over our circumstances.

Faith can be broken down on a scientific level. One study on rehabilitation and spirituality tracked 88 adults who suffered TBI (traumatic brain injury) from a period of one to 20 years after the injury occurred. The study showed the power behind the faith concept in something more than just oneself.

“The results indicate that religious well-being (a sense of connection to a higher power) was a unique predictor for life satisfaction, distress and functional ability whereas public religious practice and existential well-being were not.” Read the rest of this entry »