Can Technology Make Us Happier?

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FirephoneSome, not all, are creatures of convenience. Think about it. This is precisely why most people, especially those living in Los Angeles, choose to live close to where they work. Most of us hate commuting to and from a job. Just the thought of sitting through grid lock traffic, spending hours wasting away listening to talk radio while you go 5 miles an hour during rush hour, is a nightmare no one wants to endure.

It is because of our mobile devices that we’re able to do so much now; we’re not necessarily technology addicts as much as it truly coming down to us growing accustomed to the convenience. Our smartphones are portable music and movie players, social media devices via apps, GPS Amazon-Fire-Phone-App-Gridturn-by-turn directions, video and photo camera, oh…and also a telephone and texting service. The convenience that our technology brings to our everyday lives is what makes us want more of it. Why not accumulate more gadgets that do things for us and make our lives simpler?

Smart companies are not ignoring the trend and are definitely jumping on board. Barely opening up its viral doors to the public in 1995, was originally known as the place where you simply bought books. You can now purchase just about anything and everything from Amazon. The American international electronic commerce company headquartered in Seattle, Wash., is now the world’s largest online retailer. So, it’s no surprise that it debuted its first phone called the Fire that of course has enough features to make shopping on Amazon from the device easier than ever before. I’m not going to get into the spec details of the phone, but it basically is useful for Amazon fans. Anyone else who can care less might as well keep the phone they have. But it’s yet the latest tool that offers convenience to online buying junkies looking for quick and easy. And companies are presented with another smartphone to make sure their websites and digital brands are compatible with.Googlewatch

Google is of course another geek-geared technology company that is competing to take full advantage of advancing technology and the convenience it brings to the growing number of nerds this 21st century is fostering. The first smartwatch was recently launched by this American-owned, multinational Internet search engine mogul, teaming up with LG set to release the G Watch for roughly $199-279. The G Watch is said to boast a 1.65-inch touchscreen with 4 GB of space, 512 MB of RAM, a resolution of about 280 x 280, and, if that’s not all, it’s water and dust-resistant. Whew, time to take a deep breath and soak that all in. That’s one watch that is sure to work triple overtime for the money you spend.

iStock-digitalThe days for the old Palm Pilot might have been replaced by a watch that can be serve as your digital life coach. Of course it does have a rival, the Moto 260, which will be sporting stainless steel as well as leather band options. This LG G Watch will last three days before needing a charge. Why do you need a smartwatch if you have a smartphone? Not sure, unless you want another way to check your email or to Tweet or to schedule your day. But of course the smartwatches are now popping up everywhere with every major brand: Apple’s iWatch, Samsung, Sony, and other types like Pebble, as it set a record for crowd source funding on Kickstarter.

There are a number of other smart watches: i’m Watch, Cookoo Watch, Martian Notifier, Meta Watch, and so many more. Too many too list, but these are the most popular. The bottom line is that our watches are now the hottest smart gadgets to hit the shelves and our tech-buy list. Technology is getting smarter, thinking for us, reminding us of all the things we need to do, ensuring that we never again miss an important email or update. We’ll always be plugged into the Internet. Is this a good or bad thing?

For tech-geeks as well as for the tech-challenged, life is challenging as it is. So why not make it a little easier? Perhaps technology really is bringing the world together. Unity is always better than the alternative and just maybe, technology is indeed making us happier? Perhaps in some ways, we are are more tech-dependent. But one thing is for sure, smartphones to smartwatches; connecting to the world has never been simpler.




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