Kale Your Way To Better Mental Health

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benefits of kale & your brain

Benefits of Kale

I spoke to a doctor once and not in some office setting, but at the sauna of all places at the gym. The doctor was not a proponent of medication, but claimed if people ate what they were supposed to eat and took care of their bodies, they wouldn’t need to be medicated.

Now, I am not an organic-living snob because I do believe that medication is necessary for some individuals. Our bodies and the chemical make up of our brains are all different. What might work for one person, might totally flop for someone else. I have seen it where people think they’re cured after taking medication, so they stop taking it. Then, their symptoms return especially if those symptoms happen to relate to a mood disorder. So, some people do greatly benefit from medication. However, I am a believer of eating right, exercising, getting sunshine, and talk therapy as a collective multi-layered solution.

During my sauna conversation with the Doc, the one thing he said that stayed with me is to eat lots and lots of kale. He claimed by eating super foods, you are getting all the nutrients required and you wouldn’t even need to take vitamin supplements.

According to The World’s Healthiest Foods, kale is a powerfully nutrient dense food containing loads of vitamins and antioxidants.

Kale Your Way To Better Mental Health

The Bottom Line:

Now, I don’t always succeed at eating well all the time. But, my goal is to eat more super foods. I do try to eat kale weekly, but now that I see that one-cup of kale contains so much of the vitamins and antioxidants I need for the day. I am going to start eating it daily. When you eat fast foods, fried foods, processed foods not only is your body negatively affected but also your mind reaps the results. I totally believe that eating poorly is self-destructive and if you’re trying to work out that happy muscle, because I do believe it’s a muscle that needs exercising daily. Then, you’re definitely doing yourself a disservice by not eating super foods. This is especially true if you struggle with depression, whether occasional bouts or if it’s been a life long struggle.

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