The Force of Positive Connection

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Photo by Sonyo Estavillo shot on Canon T5i at the South Coast Botanical Gardens

Early this morning on my way to the gym, I saw a disheveled homeless man convincingly arguing with a phantom antagonist. He was waving his hands in the air to emphasize an imperative point.

We call people like this homeless man crazy, but I wonder how much of his insanity stems from isolation and the need for positive connection. I wonder how many of us dog lovers have better conversations with our four-legged friends than with humans. I wonder if like this homeless man, we are all craving a little conversation and are willing to argue with ourselves just to feel the rise of human emotion, reminding us we’re still alive.

Although technology and social media makes us feel like we’re more connected than ever before, nothing can replace quality time spent with someone who’s willing to return the favor. Making the right connections is more than just what someone can do for you. If you make a deep connection with another person, it’s a soul connection that is invaluable. The truth is, people are guarded today and it’s hard to break down walls.

The Bottom Line:

I think many of us are lonely and seeking deeper conversations, deeper connections and actual thought-provoking philosophical discussions. When speaking with someone we want to know that they are actually listening. Not because they can’t wait for us to shut up so that they can pipe in. No, they are actively listening because they understand that the conversation is not about them. My hope is for deeper connections, true friends and honesty to be the core desire of the people I choose to surround myself with. Selfless humans are hard to find. It’s a challenge in today’s age to find someone who truly cares and wants to get to know all facets of you, and not just share a shallow “hello” every now and then. If you can find those types of meaningful, positive connections, never take them for granted.

Paul J. Meyer



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