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Lack of Community + Selfishly Independent = Depression

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People working in a community garden --- Image by © Monalyn Gracia/Corbis
People working in a community garden — Image by © Monalyn Gracia/Corbis

Until 12,000 years ago, approximately 90 percent of human history functioned off of food foraging. Our communities were simple with simple tasks and roles. It seemed the simpler our society, the easier it was to live comfortably in supportive communities where people truly helped each other. Perhaps in communities, relationships are naturally cultivated and nurtured. The more advanced our civilization has evolved, the more competitive and autonomous we’ve all become.

We triple lock our doors, scoff as we wiz by the neighbor with the morning coffee in hand and hope that no one else interrupts our perfectly sculpted routine. Today, especially if you live in big cities, it almost seems impossible to say you live in a real community. Back in the day, we used to be able to knock on our neighbor’s doors to borrow a cup of sugar. We used to wave to familiar friends as we jogged down the street. While some people can genuinely say that they’ve managed to find the best and most friendly community to live in, I’m going to say most people have naturally become more shut off. It’s like the more you crave community, the more it shows that you are weak, needy, and even insecure?! Read the rest of this entry »

The Biggest Mistakes Family-Owned Companies & Small Businesses Make

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One of the things that I’ve noticed in working with various companies on a freelance basis is how businesses distribute finances and allocate for expenses.

Unfortunately, the biggest thing that I’ve noticed is the show of favoritism especially with small businesses that are family owned. Because, there are several individuals who might be a family friend or someone who’s worked with the company for a long time (10-20 plus years.) Unfortunately, this means that these individuals end up getting overpaid hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars more to do what anyone can do. And let’s not forget, others can probably execute and deliver the product or project at a fraction of the cost. It’s like companies play favorites with long time family friends, which wind up causing further complications in the end. Read the rest of this entry »

How Much is Your Time Worth?

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Infinity-Time1Are you a “Trekkie?” You know, a Star Trek fan? Then you are well aware that people for centuries have been theorizing ways to travel back through time or forward. You’re probably among them. From theories of bending gravitational fields to scrutinizing over black holes, everyone at one point has wished we could have changed one thing in the past.

And this is precisely why some of us value the one resource in our lives that we can never replace and get back— time. A tabloid recently posted an article claiming that Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt were both “racing against time” to try and look younger for their roles in “Go Like Hell,” their new movie that is in development. Though, it seems that time isn’t valuable simply because we want to grow old gracefully. Time is precious for all of us, especially being that most of us who live in the U.S. work longer hours than our counterparts in other countries. According to a recent ABC article, Americans work more than anyone. The Bureau of Labor Statistics tracked this trending through the 1990s and reported that a whopping “25 million Americans (20.5 percent of the total work force) worked at least 49 hours a week in 1999. Eleven million of those said they worked more than 59 hours a week.” Read the rest of this entry »