Valentine’s Day: Finding The Love You Already Have

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Valentine’s Day: Finding The Love You Already Have

Our deep need to love and to be loved is romanticized through songs, movies, and books. We take chances, get our hearts broken, sometimes get disappointed, and in the end discover we’re all imperfect. The same goes for love. Read the rest of this entry »


Piece of Me (A Long Haiku)

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Piece of Me
Photo By: Sonyo Estavillo

Hold you against me

Closing my eyes to your breath

Small life in my arms

One half piece of me in you

Swallowed up by sleep

You are safe from the outside

Baby, be at peace

I would die to keep you safe

What Death Looks Like: A Short Story

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Photo of Dying Hands By: Sonyo Estavillo
Photo of Dying Hands By: Sonyo Estavillo

[Warning: Not a Typical ‘Lil Pick Me Up’  Post]

The decaying fabric of his skin was melting off his bones, like wax off a long lit candle, and the whites of his eyes downgraded to a shade of gray with veins now elevated, making them bulge from the sockets. Read the rest of this entry »

Dear Past: I am Happy For You & I Forgive You!

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This post isn’t about forgiving someone who is currently in your life. It’s specifically about forgiving people you no longer have contact with.

It’s easy to be happy for a friend or a loved one, or anyone who has been supportive and caring towards you. But, can you be happy for someone who has hurt you? Can you be happy for those who still haunt your soul?

How many ghosts do you have? I have a few that haunt me. They linger around whenever I am trying to live in the present, until they’ve successfully dragged me back into the land of the past. Read the rest of this entry »

Love Is A Verb

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love-is-a-verbLove Is More Than Just Words

The one thing I’ve learned in my travels, having lived all over the United States, is how easy it is for people to come and go in your life. Those who remain in our lives for the long haul are meant to be a part of it. Their love is demonstrated through their actions and not just their words. Read the rest of this entry »