Where Does The Time GO?

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Dissipating time

Traces of itself dissolves

Leaving me behind

Note: I’m working full-time now, so my time is slim. I didn’t include an audio today for my Haiku. I will try my best to comment and read your blogs. ❤

Some days I feel like time just evaporates right before my eyes. So, I try and find gratitude with the time I do have for myself. Some days we don’t have a lot of “me” time. It’s not the quantity that truly matters, but the quality. Quality time is better than an exorbitant amount of wasted time. Read the rest of this entry »

A Father’s Love (A Haiku)

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A Father's Love
Photo By: Sonyo Estavillo

Your encouragement

Is the air under my wings

Love that makes me fly

One True Love (A Haiku)

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Photo By: Sonyo Estavillo

Your smile is the sun

Your joy is the sky and earth

You’re my one true love


Small Steps (A Haiku)

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Photo By: Sonyo Estavillo

One step at a time

I will make it to the top

A little each day