Small Steps (A Haiku)

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Photo By: Sonyo Estavillo

One step at a time

I will make it to the top

A little each day




You Do Not Complete Me

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Photo By: Sonyo Estavillo

You do not complete me

I accept you, you accept me

we accept each other

You do not complete me

I accent you, you accent me

we are strong and weak

You do not complete me

I am whole, you are whole

we can only complete ourselves


Stopping Myself From Stopping Myself

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Stopping Myself From Stopping Myself
Photo By: Sonyo Estavillo

Sometimes depression speaks to me through resounding voices that ask me what the hell am I doing all this for. Then, I find myself consumed with feeling absurd, that perhaps stringing words together is nothing more than a waste of time. The writer inside yearns for continuous approval, and removing denial from the equation exposes my weakness, that I am too delicate and too easily broken. Read the rest of this entry »

To Search The Past

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Photo By: Sonyo Estavillo

We look out in search for resolve

Disguising today with yesterday

Stuck replaying stupid mistakes

Until right now is the only place

Ignore this moment will dissolve

Regret finds a day to replay again

Moving beyond cold superficiality

Finding love and joy to be internal

Piece of Me (A Long Haiku)

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Piece of Me
Photo By: Sonyo Estavillo

Hold you against me

Closing my eyes to your breath

Small life in my arms

One half piece of me in you

Swallowed up by sleep

You are safe from the outside

Baby, be at peace

I would die to keep you safe