Midlife Crisis

Mind, Body & Spirit: They’re All Connected

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Relationship of body, mind and spirit

Our mind, body and spirit are truly connected. This is why if you stop feeding what lifts your spirit, no matter how physically fit or mentally sharp you might be, there remains an imbalance in your life. The same can be said about our body.

You might work really hard to keep your spirit afloat; in fact, that’s all you live for is to do what ever it is you do. Your work and your title can make you feel on top of this world. However, if you’re too busy working, especially with a high paying, high demand job, then your body might be totally out of shape or stress might be preventing you from getting a decent night’s sleep. Your blood pressure might be through the roof, and your cardiologist might warn that if you don’t slow down and get healthy you’ll be on the brink of a heart attack. That’s if you haven’t already had one. Read the rest of this entry »

K.I.S.S. Your Way to Less Stress

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Ever feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day? Whether you have children or just animals, are single or happily partnered-up with someone, there are some days that feel like an endless hamster wheel. There are other movies that demonstrate the dreaded rat-race of life. Joe Versus the Volcano was one of them with beloved Tom Hanks who was fighting his way through the mundane.

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